Our team is here to help manage all of your fulfillment services using professional care and skill.

Choosing Royal as your fulfillment service is a great option for businesses who have outgrown their current operations capabilities. We manage all shipping and warehouse services so you can dedicate your efforts to other aspects of your business. We carefully oversee each aspect of the fulfillment process so that you and your customers receive the best service.

Ecommerce Fulfillment

Shipping and delivery is an important factor than buyers consider when online shopping. Ordering products online can be extremely convenient or risky for consumers, depending on how the business goes about fulfilling orders. Slow delivery, damaged goods, missing items, and lost packages can prevent customers from returning to your ecommerce business. Choosing a trusted ecommerce fulfillment company like Royal guarantees that your customers get the best service possible.

Retail Fulfillment

There are many steps involved in processing and distributing retail purchases to customers. Royal specializes in managing retail fulfillment logistics so your business can run without any hiccups. We receive and distribute goods with extra attention to detail so your consumers receive their package on schedule. We take care of stocking inventory in our warehouses, checking for damages, and tracking items to ensure everything is properly accounted for.


Royal offers professional kitting services to manufacturers that require pre-assembly of parts before packaging and shipping. Our streamlined process ensures that each component is accurately assembled to prepare for shipment. Royal’s expert kitting services save your business time, money, and hassle. Our logistics solutions manage all aspects of product operations including inventory space and manpower. We pride ourselves on our ability to minimize cost and maximize productivity and accuracy.

Pick Pack Services

Pick and pack is a type of fulfillment service used by retailers to efficiently ship different products to specific customers. Items are pulled from large cases of goods and assembled in packages using an efficient system that minimizes errors and saves handling time. We utilize the best pick and pack strategy to provide excellent service. Our focus is on organization, cost-efficiency, and accuracy, resulting in on-time shipments to your customers.

If you have any questions about our fulfillment services at Royal, please reach out to us at 323-881-9211 in Los Angeles or 973-837-1066 in New Jersey. We are dedicated to supporting your specific business needs to make sure your operations are efficient and cost-effective.

Company background

Royal is full service warehousing, repackaging, and third party logistics supplier. We have over 500,000 sq. ft. of food grade warehouses located conveniently near the ports of Newark, NJ and Long Beach, CA.

How can we help you?

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