Royal manages the tracking for all drayage services, keeping you informed on delivery statuses and updates.

Drayage is the process of transporting goods a short distance via ground freight between other means of transportation. This is commonly done between an ocean port to a warehouse or other destinations. With facilities on both coasts located only 16 miles from the ports, Royal can handle all of your import/export trucking needs.

Why choose Royal for Port Drayage?

We’re dedicated to providing the best transport, warehouse, packaging, and delivery services to make sure that all of your goods are handled safely. You can trust Royal to closely manage each step of the process and keep you in the loop on the status of your products.
1. Immediate delivery order acknowledgement
We will let you know as soon as your orders are placed, picked up, and delivered to our warehouse so you can have a full handle on your inventory at all times.
2. Quality Equipment
Royal employs a fleet of regularly maintenanced trucks and trained drivers so you don’t have to worry about your shipments and deliveries being delayed. Our team works on a tight schedule using a well-organized system to manage ingoing and outgoing inventory. Truck breakdowns are never an issue due to our diligent maintenance and management.
3. Close tracking
Royal manages the tracking for all drayage services, keeping you informed on delivery statuses and updates. We keep a close eye on your containers to make sure all shipments are undamaged and accounted for.
4. Updates on availability
Our team is always in contact with you to provide updates on availability. We stay on top of all shipments and inventory so that there are never any stocking delays.
5. Timely pick-up and delivery
We use an efficient management system to organize timely pickups and deliveries. Avoid delays at the port by choosing the trusted team of truck drivers at Royal to safely pick up your goods and transport them to our warehouse.
If you’re interested in learning about how Royal can help your business manage drayage services, please reach out to us at 323-881-9211 in Los Angeles or 973-837-1066 in New Jersey. We prioritize maintaining tight pickup and delivery schedules with a team of skilled drivers and warehouse professionals.

Company background

Royal is full service warehousing, repackaging, and third party logistics supplier. We have over 500,000 sq. ft. of food grade warehouses located conveniently near the ports of Newark, NJ and Long Beach, CA.

How can we help you?

Contact us at the Royal 3PL and Packaging office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.